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2024 Trends: Proxy War Spillover and Cyberactivism

2024 Trends: Proxy War Spillover and Cyberactivism

Adversaries in our proxy wars in the Middle East and Ukraine will take the gloves off in their cybercrime attacks on businesses, governments, and high-value public targets. As detailed in technology news outlet The Register, thus far most sophisticated cyberattacks stemming from proxy conflicts have been directed against the Ukraine and Israel. These strikes attempt to take out critical infrastructure, financials services, and compromise critical figures. Wide-ranging attacks of this nature have already spilled out of the respective regions in which the physical confrontations are actually taking place.

As geopolitical tensions have risen, so too has the prevalence of cyberactivism campaigns. These so-called cyberactivists can range from well-meaning student and protest groups to highly sophisticated terrorist organizations seeking to create societal chaos. Following the Hamas attacks on Israel and ensuing war, there has been a rapid acceleration in cyberactivism worldwide. This can be seen in the denial of service attacks levied against global media companies in the weeks since the war broke out as well as the raids on critical infrastructure which have spread all the way to India, which has been targeted for its support of Israel. Should hostilities continue to escalate, it’s only natural that more cyberattacks of this variety will follow.

Government entities and prominent businesses aren’t the only ones who should be taking precautions under the circumstances. Individual government personnel as well as high-net-worth individuals and highly visible persons such as celebrities and their families will inevitably be targeted and should take aggressive measures to protect themselves and their families. As recent events have borne out, cyberactivists will look to make examples out of public figures and notable businesses.

Next we will take a look at the Risks of a Security Breach at a Major AI Organization

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