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BUNKR’s Vision and Backstory


BUNKR’s vision is to grow trust in the world by providing users with world-class security that is easy to use and giving them time back in their day by making all of their information accessible at their fingertips. Ultimately, we want customers to experience less digital-borne anxiety so that they can be more present in their lives and with the people they care about; that is the service BUNKR provides. Our vision has resonated with online users, as we now serve individuals, families, and businesses in 29 countries around the world.

The Basics of Cybercrime’s Risk to the General Public

Anyone who’s concerned about the security of their digital information and communications should be aware that cybercrime is on track to become the world’s third-largest economy by 2025, trailing only behind the U.S. and China. The yearly damages stemming from cybercrime-related activities have reached $8 trillion and are expected to grow annually at 15 %, a growth rate five times faster than that of the world’s leading economies. What’s more, the United States Department of Justice has estimated that only one in seven cybercrimes are actually reported, meaning that the problem is far more pervasive than most realize. 

A significant number of cybercrime attacks against the public as well as businesses and non-profits are conducted by exploiting weak account passwords. Cybercriminals also frequently deploy imposter-based attacks that take advantage of built-in security vulnerabilities of email, text, and social media messaging platforms. The quality — or lack thereof — of the encryption, patches, and backup methods used by these platforms also factor heavily into their level of vulnerability to incursions by malicious actors. 

The BUNKR Backstory

The roots of BUNKR as a company can be traced back to the spring of 2020. Like many, our family was leading a mostly digital life amid COVID-19 lockdowns and using our newfound free time to evaluate potential business opportunities. During that time, it occurred to us just how clumsy, time-consuming, and vulnerable most of the digital tools we use in our daily lives are. It was frustrating to realize just how many of the flaws in our text, social media messengers, cloud storage, and password management services are inherent to their very designs.

People use these tools because they are easily accessible and essentially “free.” However, they come with deep hidden costs, whether it’s time lost to counterintuitive interfaces or having sensitive information easily stolen by cybercriminals. Our view has always been that technology should be transparent, dependable, and empower users to make the most of their personal time. Unfortunately, the reality is that most of the ubiquitous, everyday services people use actually create frustration by exposing users to cyberthreats and compromising our collective privacy.

In light of these glaring cybersecurity vulnerabilities and the high degree of tech-oriented frustrations most people contend with, we decided to step up and do something about the situation. Beyond recognizing a compelling business opportunity, we realized that our insights into cybersecurity could allow us to address this state of affairs and provide an alternative. We founded BUNKR in order to share a digital experience that was seamless, easy to use, meaningfully protected its customers’ privacy, and ultimately saved people time. And as a matter of principle, we would make it affordable for everyone. 

Even prior to BUNKR’s founding, our family and team had accrued a considerable amount of experience innovating and refining the reach of cybersecurity services. We founded our previous venture, FairWarning, to positively transform privacy and security protections for healthcare patients around the world. Our mission was to foster a greater sense of trust between patients and their care providers, a goal that aligned directly with the needs of our customer base. We were able to establish that trust through our innovations and patented security software. Furthermore, we grew FairWarning’s impact within the financial sphere and went on to secure more than $1 trillion in financial assets around the globe by safeguarding crucial information for some of the largest banks in the world in addition to several prominent wealth advisors.

In many ways, BUNKR represents a continuation of the lofty cybersecurity principles we cultivated at FairWarning. Up until the company was sold in 2019, our team spent 15 years focusing solely on specializing in information security, privacy, and regulatory compliance; in my personal career, I have spent 25 years overseeing global security companies and working along the cutting edge of safeguarding critical information. While many of us had no intention of returning to security and privacy work after our time with FairWarning, it became apparent that the general state of cybersecurity left much to be desired. Given our experience and expertise, we felt we were in a position to do something about it.

The Most Common and Damaging Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Because the majority of popular tech platforms are lacking in security protections, BUNKR has made it a point to address these potential vulnerabilities and protect users from cybercrime attacks:

·       Weak and Unmanaged Passwords. Two-thirds of internet users within the U.S. — and undoubtedly more globally — do not use a password manager because they find them overly complex, untrustworthy, and unaffordable. Consequently, cybercriminals exploit weak passwords more than any other security vulnerability. Most commercially available password managers carry daunting price tags, don’t boast user-friendly interfaces, and are aimed at businesses rather than ordinary consumers. BUNKR has built a password manager designed with essential features addressing these issues, making password management a simplified practice that is easy to use, reliable, and affordable.

·       Imposter-Based Attacks. Imposter-based attacks come in a litany of forms, many of which are covered thoroughly within the FBI’s 2022 Internet Crime Report. Generally speaking, the core architecture used in most popular communication services — including text, email, and social media messengers — renders them extremely vulnerable to these types of attacks, as these messengers provide no means of limiting contact to known and verified persons. Cybercriminals also leverage this vulnerability to install malware on our phones and computers, discreetly collecting information while the victim is none the wiser. In order to combat this risk and facilitate secure exchanges of information, BUNKR has devised a feature-rich, invitation-only messenger that completely eliminates imposter-based threats.

·       Patch Levels and Backups. Cybercriminals exploit devices that do not have properly updated software patches. These bad actors maintain lists compiling various software versions and their respective vulnerabilities. Using these databases, cybercriminals are then able to automate their attacks and exploit inadequately protected devices and digital accounts. The more applications and devices you use, the more potential security vulnerabilities you need to address. As a means of addressing this problem, BUNKR has been designed in such a way that information stored within cannot be accessed by cybercriminals even if your patch levels are not up to date. Furthermore, we are running automated backups at all times in order to preserve the security of our customers’ information.

·       Lack of Encryption. The design choices of widely used tech services have left users storing sensitive files, documents, and sensitive information in an unorganized and unprotected fashion across various devices and locations. While it might be hard for the average person to keep track of this scattered information, cybercriminals do not have this same issue. As a matter of fact, it’s quite easy for ill-intentioned parties to comprehensively scan and compile unsecured information, no matter how disorganized it might be. For this reason, BUNKR has built an easy-to-use, visually encrypted Vault that boasts biometric protections.

·       Lost and Stolen Phones. It’s a terrible feeling to lose one’s phone, or worse yet, have it stolen. Beyond the monetary loss and headache of having to get a new one, misplacing a device with your most personal information on it — including but not limited to passwords, bank accounts, emails, personal text messages, and pictures — carries a particular set of pronounced anxieties. In the event that a lost phone was indeed stolen, it’s only natural to stress over whether or not your information was adequately protected, what exactly was stored on there, and how much the criminal in possession of it has access to. These concerns are why BUNKR was developed to encrypt all customer information on mobile devices and provide an additional buffer against thieves looking to access personal details. As an additional measure, BUNKR requires biometric authentication for user access. Needless to say, if your information is saved in BUNKR, it’s secured. Likewise, our device synchronization procedure makes the process of recovering information that had been stored on a stolen or lost phone easy. 

Unsurpassed Security, Peerless Design

If designed properly, robust digital security and privacy can also give valuable time back to the user. Because cybersecurity isn’t usually associated with convenience, one of BUNKR’s top priorities was streamlining and simplifying some of the largest time wasters present in other providers’ user experiences.

When routine tech problems are solved, the frustrations that accompany otherwise straightforward tasks are eliminated. BUNKR was specifically engineered, extensively tested, and continually refined to make everyday tasks dramatically easier and save people time. Here are just a few of the design principles that guided the vision built into BUNKR:

·       Compact Organization. Rather than having important information spread across different programs on various devices, BUNKR allows you to securely save everything in one place. We’ve all spent too much time searching for files and critical info scattered across documents, notes saved in an array of folders, email attachments, and desktop files that may not have been opened in years; with BUNKR, you can neatly and reliably organize all of that information within a singular location.

·       Secure Storage. BUNKR’s thorough protocols and encryption empower users to keep their most important information organized and reliably secure, allowing for instant access to personal files, media, notes, passwords, messages, attachments, and more.

·       Synchronization. All of your important information stored on BUNKR is synchronized securely across all of your devices with the application installed. Customers can expect consistent access to their information across their mobile phones, tablets, and desktop systems with no device-specific limitations.

·       Anytime, Any Place. BUNKR allows users to access their information on the road 24/7, including instances when no internet connectivity or cellular service is available.

·       Ample Capacity and Cross-Platform Communication.  Many digital communication platforms are inconsistent at best and unreliable at worst when it comes to sharing large documents and media files. This headache is often exacerbated when users are trying to exchange files from an Apple to an Android device and vice versa. Our customers have better things to do than tackle tech-based frustrations like this, which is why sharing is as simple as a click within BUNKR. 

·       Instantaneous Interface. BUNKR blends unrivaled digital security with an intuitive user interface. The days of having to stow sensitive files within inaccessible digital nooks are gone; BUNKR allows users to find their files fast, store them securely, and organize things neatly, all while enjoying access at their fingertips.

Comprehensive Features

After the idea for BUNKR first materialized, our team spent two years iterating on what this platform would look like and what needs it would serve to deliver on our lofty ambitions. Our very first customers were us, the developers, as well as our family members and friends, all of whom continue to use the product today. Visit bunkr.life for additional details on all of the above as well as our myriad features including:

·       Password Manager

·       Invitation-Only Messaging for Sharing and Collaborating

·       Secure File Storage

·       Secure Notes

Following years of refinement, today BUNKR is an affordable safe haven used in 29 countries by travelers, families, executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, agents, financial and healthcare professionals, and others. 

Visit us on the Internet:


@BUNKR_Life on ‘X’

@BUNKR on LinkedIn

@BUNKR.Life on Instagram

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